"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice." - MLK

Create Your Own Projects and Exhibit(s)

 The process involved in creating Youth as Engaged Citizen exhibits involves a number of steps and varying degrees of youth engagement. All of the exhibits are designed to support students to develop their own identities as engaged citizens. 


Ellie is currently writing an educator how-to manual that will clearly outline the processes and concrete steps needed to create any of the three (3) progressively challenging exhibits. This manual will have examples of classroom, school, school-district and community-wide projects.


The Manual

The step-by-step, how-to create engaged youth as citizen

exhibits manual will be available Fall 2019. 


The three (3) primary Youth as Citizen exhibit options that can be created:

Option One - Courage in Our Midst - Student will create a portrait and biography of a community whom they deeply respect as an engaged contributory citizen.


Option Two - Being a Citizen in My Own Right - Students will find an issue/problem that they deeply care about and connect with people and/or groups that are working on that issue locally, regionally, nationally and/or internationally. 


Option Three - Being the Hero of My Own Life - Students will find an issue/problem they care about and show how they became engaged as a citizen with this issue. Students will then project into the future of their life and present an inspirational trajectory of their own engaged citizenship. 



EEC uses the power of story and art to connect program participants to what

they care about in support of the process

of becoming effective, empowered,

engaged citizens.