"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice." - MLK

EEC Programs & Services

EEC Project Based Learning (PBL) educational models use the power of Art (portraiture) and Story (biographies or autobiographies) as central organizing mediums. 


EEC engages youth in processes of inquiry whereby they begin developing and integrating the necessary internal strengths and capabilities through which they can be powerful agents for social justice. 

EEC promotes unique programming that is specifically designed to aid the development of powerful youth who have identities as engaged effective citizens.


EEC seeks to establish the expectation that youth will be engaged citizens in the spirit of this processes serving as progressive structures as a modern initiation, whereby youth; see, feel, and wholly understand that they are very much valuable contributors to and for the greater good. 


EEC has expectations that all youth who participate in programming will develop a range of necessary citizen values, morals & ethics, attributes and qualities of character to be impactful change makers.


EEC does this through providing the optimal: tools, resources, conditions and environments where you can integrate:


  • Exploration of the range of current Issues and Problems they are curious or already care about

  • Learn and practice Engaged Citizen Language

  • Necessary Knowledge

  • Skills: Practice and use in real world situations, effective change makers skills

  • Ways to do effective Research and be Resourceful

  • Strengthened Resiliency: the ability and willingness to take risks and continue working for your goals even, and especially when, there are challenges, hardships and set-backs. 

EEC believes that education of the whole person is necessary in order to facilitate the development of citizens who are led by their hopes and dreams.















EEC offers the following programs and Services:

1. Materials: A broad range of content with instructions that meet and exceed mandated educational standards for classrooms & schools seeking to elevate fundamental social justice education in content and the overall school culture.

2. Coaching & amp; Facilitation: Bring Ellie to your classroom, school, district, workshop, conference, to show you how you can effectively integrate social justice principles and programs as a foundation for the classroom, school & with community organizing.

3. Being the Hero of My Own Life Programming

4. Exhibitions, Presentations, & Training: Ellie uses Robert Shetterly’s Americans Who Tell the Truth portraits and accompanying biographies of courageous citizens as a central organizing medium.

5. Consulting: Ellie is available for in-person and phone consultations. Email or call for rates.

I. General Social Justice Education

EEC provides unique Social Justice educational programming that supports the process of developing youth into critically aware engaged citizens.

II. The Power of Art & Story 

EEC uses the existing art/portraiture and the creation of one’s own art, coupled with storytelling to stimulate and grow youth compassion and interest & support youth in finding their own places as active citizens. Provide Model, Courage and Boldness of those that have, and are presently showing up, standing up and speaking up.

III. How to Inspire and Create Citizen Expectations, Imagination & Aspirations

EEC wholly believes in the capacity of each student to find and become powerful change makers in their own right. EEC provides current, relevant, meaningful and profoundly inspiring models of Social Justice in action via stories of historical & contemporary models of courage.

IV. Classroom, School, District and Community Empowerment-EEC grows effective

  • Environments that act as safe places (e.g. classrooms, schools & communities) and serve as positive learning laboratories that stimulate desire to be a powerful citizen

  • Voices opportunities to understand, develop & hear one another’s voices as change makers 

  • Citizen Dispositions: a commitment to elevate expectations that youth will learn about and grow their own dispositions of morally intelligent engaged, effective citizens

  • Practice opportunities of real life practice at being engaged as citizens with issues they most care about