"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice." - MLK



I’ve had the pleasure of working extensively with Ellie Richard on the AWTT project here in Greensboro and her work has been creative and simply fantastic.  Ellie has an astute grasp of the need in this historic moment for truth telling and transparency.  She has wonderful skills at coalition building and developing unity around core democratic values. Maybe most importantly, Ellie deeply understands the imperative of teaching our youth, all of our youth,  the critical, creative and courageous thinking skills essential for self governing democracy.  Ellie is a national treasure - and a delight to work with. 

Lewis Pitts, Activist and retired Civil Rights Lawyer, Greensboro, NC


Ellie has been a blessing to our classroom.  Through the Americans Who Tell the Truth Exhibit, I got to learn about heroes from American history who worked tirelessly for justice, in all areas, using a variety of modalities.  This exhibit has proven to be perfect for my U.S. History class.  The students are motivated by the subject's stories, and thanks to Ellie, those individuals came alive when they saw Robert Shetterly's portraits of them.  Ellie didn't just let us view the paintings, though, she brought us in, made the students genuine collaborators, and helped them envision their futures filled with civic engagement and activity.  Ellie brought the spark that my classroom needed, real-world experiences that meld dreaming of the future we want and practicing the skills to make it happen. 

Brady Rochford, Middle School Social Studies Teacher, Francine Delany New School for Children, Asheville, NC